Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up as usual and coffee with Donna, then she was off to the truck company, and after that the restaurant. Before I go any further a big welcome to my latest follower, STEVE FINNELL I hope you enjoy descriptions of life here in Dardenne Prairie as we prepare for going fulltime in our 5th wheel.

It is supposed to begin snowing this evening and snow all night with an accumulation in our area of up to 6 inches.


That means John Deere will get a workout tomorrow morning and I will have to run for fuel before it starts snowing today.

I should have thought of that this morning when I made a run to the Walmart and then stopped at the Porcelain Palace, (White Castle) for a couple of belly bombs, about once a month I stop and then I'm good for the month.

Thanks for the kind words about my uniform day. For all you Harley Davidson fans I will tell you I always preferred a Harley to any other, just because of the way they sounded and the way they felt and held the road, A couple of our neighboring departments tried the Kawasaki's when they made their police specials, and they were a lot faster both in pickup and top speed, but for whatever reasons they all went back to the good ole Harley Davidson police special. I personally owned Harleys of my own and never had any trouble and put a ton of miles between Mo. & Pa. making several trip each summer. What did I prefer in police work, A car, that is just simple a no brainer, it was warmer, dryer and safer. on a bike you were a moving target and people would try to hit you. A bike is nice in a controlled environment on nice days on a nice country road, but in the law enforcement world it was an easy way to get hurt or killed. I.m sure the other guys that are bloggers and retired cops would tell you the same thing, a nice Crown Victoria or Chev Caprice, or Plymouth Fury was a lot safer than a Harley on the street.

Hey it is a no picture day again, and I am waiting to hear that my bride is safe at the restaurant which is only a couple of miles from Dardenne Prairie in O'Fallon MO. Then it can start snowing and I won't care. I shouldn't worry Donna has been driving a 50 mile commute every work day to St Louis Mo. all our married life, she is a country girl in a 4 wheel drive and is happy in all kinds of weather. But I still worry, So for all of you guys and gals in tee shirts and shorts, yes were jealous and we can't wait for the day we can join you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I love the looks and sounds of a Harley, but have never been on one in my life.

  2. Those tee shirts and shorts day are coming. Yuk on the 50 mile commute!

  3. COLD is right,,,that opening picture makes me shiver!!!

    I'm with you on the Harleys,,,they have a much better and stronger clutch and stand up with a lot of slipping like you have to do to travel slow with them. Plus they are just more AMERICAN,,,,no gettin around it!! Be safe out there my friend!

  4. I'll be looking forward to the day you join us here in the desert in 90 degree January weather!

  5. try and stay warm!...spring will be here soon!!

  6. Have never ridden a Harley but have always loved the sound of them. If they didn't cost so darn much I probably would have one but in the meantime I'm very happy with my 2002 Honda Shadow Aero 1100:))

  7. We had a Suzuki 750 in the lat 70's..but McGuyver still dreams of owning a Harley..If we get one now, it will need a side car for me...
    We got rain, sleet, then some snow..The driveways and sidewalks are like glass..Den's 92 year old Aunt went down her back steps on her butt yesterday, but is OK, Thank God....Be careful!!

  8. Hope you guys didn't get snowed in too deeply! My friend up in Bethel said they ended up with 5 inches or so, but you guys south of her were getting more than that.

    Stay safe!
    Karen and Steve
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