Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Up at 04:30AM ,Donna & I had our coffee together, Adam was up by 07:30AM as we had to be out the door at 08:00AM to get him home to Warrenton MO. His Mom has plans for something with her friends, so she wanted to share the day with him.

Last night was Pizza nite, Adam is doing the honors, of putting together his pizza with one of the PA style shells.

Adam & Grandpa 12-31-10a

           Does Grandpa look surprised.

He is growing so fast and is no longer a little boy, Him and his buddy Chris ( Samantha's son) helped Grandpa take the 6 foot deck out from under John Deere and then mounts the chain's and the rear weights. Grandpa has to lift the weights onto the rear frame as they weigh 75lbs a piece.Then Adam pulled it out of the garage and we mounted the plow on the front, it is 5 feet wide and does a great job of our driveway. After that was mounted it was Chris's turn to drive it back into the garage where it will wait for it's call to duty on a snowy day. Needles to say both boys were in seventh heaven getting to drive John Deere, since Chris a little older and taller he reaches the pedals easily, Adam still has to stretch a little, I told Adam in the spring I will make strap on blocks like my Grandpa did for me and he will be able to help cut the flat areas of grass this year. He's 9 years old and ten is a good age to start instilling a work ethic since the grass won't cut itself, if if you leave it go it gets ahead of you. Grandma keeps saying he's too young but I was about 10 when I got to start driving my Granddad's Farmall Cub I can still remember my Grandmother's reaction when I accidently left the belly deck engaged and took a short cut behind the garage through Grandma's parsley patch, you could smell it for miles, no hiding that, Needless to say she was mad. but she had a lot left so it was forgotten fast.

Anyway neither one of us made it to midnight, so we welcomed New Years Day in our dreams.

Sadie is getting better each day, she is now taking treats and sitting for Grandpa but is still a little skittish and won't wait around long enough for me to pick her up. When Donna puts her in my arms she will lay like a baby and take all the petting, so it will take some more time and bribery to get her affection.

Here's Sadie eating out of Rigg's bowl again, Rigg's is looking like, "but that's my bowl Dad"


Look Dad she's at it again, okay I'll share with my little sister.

We can really be thankful he is such a Gentle Ben with Sadie, it's like he adopted her and knows it's his job to watch over her even to the point of laying next to her and keeping her warm with his tummy, My last German Shepherd did the same thing with Duke when he was a puppy. But Duke got big fast like Rigg's, It looks like Sadie will be tiny all her life so she has a big protector now.


                            Heidi & Duke, 1995.


                           Rigg's & Sadie, 2010.

When it comes to pets , The Lord has been good to our family, Heidi loved the Police car and duty, and brought us 11 years of companionship, Duke stayed with us for 14 years. Now we have Rigg's and My son has Sadie and both are good strong companions. never a dull moment with Rigg's but who would want it any other way. He will bring laughter into the house just when it seems it is needed. The Lord provides things like that. and many people unfortunately take them for granted we are Blessed with our pets and we know it.

Even with the dog's home , when the kid's are gone the house seems so quiet no running, laughing and nerf bullets flying by your head, just being kid's, hate to say it but I am getting used to having Adam, Nicole, and Chris here and they sure can add life to a house.

hey that's about it for now. You all be Safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Dogs are absolutely wonderful. Can't imagine my home without at least 1 of them, probably more. Riggs is such a handsome boy. His coat just gleams. We have a yellow lab, Maggie she's pushing 11 and had 2 cruciate surgeries in the last few years. But right now she's doing fine..and we have a 4 year old golden retriever. Big goof, no other way to describe him.
    Happy New Year to you and your family .. the 2 legged kind and the 4 legged kind.

  2. Never met a human being I liked better than a dog:))

  3. I have talked about our own Black Lab Sparky. When we left NJ to fulltime in February, he stayed behind to live with daughter Terri and hubby Steve who are buying our house. Sparky was 15.

    Terri called a few weeks ago and said they had taken him to vets - his heart was failing. He was put on meds and appeared to improve somewhat. He had been suffering for the last couple of years with arthritis and has lost most of his muscle in his back end. He was on 3 meds a day.

    But two weeks ago the extreme cold hit. (Sparky has always lived outside. He would actually shake when brought into the house, even when a pup) Now he was having a real difficult time getting to his feet. Sometimes he couldn't. This time at the vets they knew it was his time to rest. Terri held him as he left us.

    He was a good friend for over 15 years - a long time for a lab.

    Riggs looks so much like him. As Riggs does for you, Sparky gave us many hours of enjoyment. You just gotta love those labs.

  4. dogs are the best!!..well so are kids.!!..Riggs is one handsome dog!!..love the old photo from 1995!..what great memories!

  5. Dogs sure do add a lot to any family as far as I'm concerned. It's great that Rigg's has taken to Sadie so well.

    Good idea on getting Adam working on the tractor cutting the grass. He'll be just fine!

  6. We sure are enjoying our puppy. It seems like every minute he is doing something cute. I know what you mean about the Lord sending us dogs when we need them, I am sure His hand was on our shoulders when we found Rusty. Stay safe.

  7. Biscuit is chewing up the place, literally! But we are so lucky to have found her. Otherwise sitting here in Arizona in a 300 sq ft MH could become quite cabin feverish. But it is to warm up slowly, and that will allow the outside to come back into play!

  8. Glad you avoided the twisters this weekend. The warm and cold fronts just don't agree with each other.

  9. Your doggers sure a hoot and a half!

    (no guesses on who is the hoot and who is the half?)

    Karen and Steve
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