Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, January 28, 2011


Up early the Kitchen thermometer read 30 degrees outside,supposed to hit 41 today and tomorrow, then start dropping again, and snow Sun or Monday. We had our morning coffee together and then Donna headed out for the truck company, and then the restaurant, I headed down for the computer in my office, did some blogging, Adam's Mom called this morning and asked if I could pick him up after school, so I said sure, then she said she wanted to know if I could bring him back tomorrow morning, I said , well you know it doesn't make sense to make two almost 50 mile round trips just to spend the night, the fuel alone is around $15 , so she said yeah your right, I didn't think about that. I would like to have had him for the weekend, as I had planned on taking the three kids to see the Bald Eagles on the river. But She mentioned something about her Mom having plans so I just kept quiet and said okay tell him I'll see him next week.
I'm pretty sure Chris and Nicole will still be here so maybe the three of us will just go and enjoy an afternoon out.
I think I will postpone pizza night until Saturday when the kids are here, that way we can eat almost a whole one.
Not much going on I hope Donna doesn't get called in for Sunday at the restaurant like the last two weeks that will give her a full day off for a change.
Hopefully in a month or so the weather will start warming back up and I can start my spring projects, like checking the brakes on the truck and a little piddling on the trailer, if we can swing it I want to replace the TV in the entertainment center with a HD flat screen like the one I put in the bedroom last spring, that would give us a nice TV in both rooms and I will mount it on a swivel mount so it will swing out and we will have extra storage behind it where that big old TV is now. That Vizio we bought last year has a great picture, and Wal Mart has the Vizio's on sale, all the time and I can get one for the living room for around $400.
Not much going on, didn't leave the house today at all, I will walk down and check the mail in a little bit, and then decide what to do about supper, I asked what time the kids would be over and he said he thought Samantha & him were taking them out for dinner, so I only have to plan for one again.
I finished all those meatballs, last night I had one Hoagie bun left and two meatballs left, with a little sauce and some pizza cheese sprinkled on top and then wrapped in foil and put in the oven made a great meatball sub.
When you make meatballs at this place, they don't last long, my son Andy ate about 14 of them since Monday, but he is still a growing boy of 29.
Have a great day wherever you are maybe some pictures tomorrow, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Dennis put a 32" flat screen in the entertainment center of the Hiker and we love it...Now WE need one for the bedroom!!! Your meatballs sound heavenly!!!
    Hey, I need your snail mail address...email it to me..I promise I won't sell it to the door-to-door salesmen...

  2. Isn't it amazing how inexpensive those flat screens have become. The old TV's take up so much room. Just think - not that many years ago we used to think a TV in a cabinet was all that. (The those stereos too).

  3. enjoy the weekend!!!..too bad about Adam not being able to come and stay !!

  4. Love those flatscreen TV's. We have one in our living room and another in our bedroom. The one in the living room came with the rig and is on a swivel arm which is terrific.

    I'm going to mount the bedroom TV to a swivel mount when I get back home.

  5. Ripped out our old clunker TV a couple years ago & put in a flatscreen. My only regret....wished we had done that sooner!!

  6. Sorry you didn't get to see Adam this weekend. I know how I missed seeing our little Opal because it was not convenient for her mom.

    Hope you had a great day and those meatballs sound really good. I never thought of having them on a Hoagie roll...now another reason to make meatballs.

  7. Your blog always makes me wanna cook something! LOL

    Too bad about not seeing Adam, I sure wish she could make it easier on you and realize the distance is a factor, not just her convenience. But we can all tell how much Adams adores the time he gets to spend with you!

    Karen and Steve
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