Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Up early and the usual morning coffee, Sadie was still napping on our bed so I decided to keep her company, next thing I know and hour gone by and Sadie's wide awake. I could smell those delicious weekend smells coming from the Kitchen and went in and Donna was baking a Gooey Butter cake, I just love those and the way she makes them they are sugarless with Splenda, so I can happily enjoy them.

After breakfast I found out today would be a day of reckoning for me, since Christmas, Donna has been asking me to trim my beard, I have said sure, and did the manly thing and would just hope she would forget about it, about once a week she would remind me and I would say "sure Hon", Well today she said were trimming that beard today, I don't mind it when it's trimmed like your buddies on the blogs, I guess she means RICK, & AL, because she said the both have neatly trimmed white beards and look nice, hear that guys. Anyway she said mine looked wild and she didn't mind the Santa Claus look up till Christmas but that's been over for a month, I knew from experience I was doomed.


The before, at the Olive Garden around Christmas.


            My son Andy doing the trimming.


Rigg's supervising my son Andy doing the trimming.


The After, Donna said I look ten years younger, Yeah Right,

Anyway I lived through it so, other than that Rigg's and Sadie were in their prime this morning, after each finished their bowl of dog food, Rigg's stole Sadies's food dish and she chased him around the kitchen stealing it back, and forth,until they tired of it then they changed to one of Sadie's toys, She is fearless and goes right into Rigg's mouth to get what she wants.




                         Rigg's and Sadie at play.

Then to top it off Rigg's stole a pair of Donna's panty's out of the laundry basket , him and Sadie had a fun time trying to keep it away from her. Of course Donna didn't take a picture of that.

Rigg's is an inveterate panty stealer, I'm going to have to have a talk with him so I won't have to register him as a sex offender. However he does like the remotes for any electronic device, and will steal those if they are not put up.

Tonight Donna is fixing a big pot of homemade stew, can't wait, I told you guys we eat good here in Dardenne Prairie, and Donna would rather have home cooked meals than eat out, I guess when you work at a restaurant it does that to you.

For all you Canadians who are in love with weather talk, we are supposed to have two days of freezing rain and then Wednesday snow possible up to 15 inches, That much and John and I will be plowing in about 6 inch intervals to keep up with it, and the worse part is if there is ice under it it will be a bear to plow.

Oh well maybe the forecast will change and it will miss us, although we live along I-70 and that is MO's snow belt.

Well that's about it for today, I hope everyone is having a good time ,sounds like the big group in Bouse AZ is having a ball, Glad to see that. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I side with Donna! You look much more handsome with that beard trimmed. :)

  2. I have to add my 2 cents worth and say, Yes you do look 10 years younger.

  3. sorry Sam I have to agree with Donna you look at LEAST ten years younger with your neatly trimmed beard..such a handsome fellow..now we cah see you smiling face!!!..way to go!!!

  4. Sam, do you notice that all the ladies are chiming in about how great you look with your beard newly trimmed? I agree with the other ladies--10 years younger! I wonder what all the men think?

  5. Hilarious - the dogs, the panty raid, the beard...got a good laugh this morning. This Donna agrees with your Donna - you look great!

  6. Sam, you should have ran away faster on that beard trimming deal!!! Oh well, its over now, and perhaps you can get her to forget about it for a few months. Anyway hope that snow goes somewhere else, LOL

  7. Yup... ya clean up good!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Hey Sam, Donna is right, you look much younger, and very handsome. Your son did a great job.

  9. I will have to add my vote to the trimmed beard, which does make you look younger. I think some guys look good in a beard, but I also think it makes them definitely look older. That's ok when you're a young guy, but . . .

  10. You must be making lots of money on this deal cause I'm gonna add my two cents worth!! Love it!!

  11. The good news: Sam, you look 10 years younger!!

    The bad news: Sam, the trimmed beard shows more of your face!!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist)

  12. I thought I saw Riggs mugg on the State Police Sex Offenders list just the other day...You need to get him into the witness protection program..
    This Donna is totally agreeing with YOUR Donna...You are quite a handsome devil under you Santa Claus disguise!!!

  13. WOW....ten years younger and 20 pounds lighter....Great job Sam!

  14. Yep, Donna is right you look great with the trimmed beard.