Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Saturday dawned really cold about 8 degrees on the old kitchen window, Before I go to far I want to Welcome a new follower BRIAN'N'TRICIA, They have a blog, but I must be doing something wrong because when I tried to open it I got a 2009 page, and then on their RV blog it said for the blog owner to contact them, so I will have to wait until it is straightened out. But anyway I welcome you to the utterly chaotic world of the Dardenne Prairie Bunch, here at the Weeb Ranch. We will be glad to have you observe our daily life in getting ready to fulltime and the trips we take before then.
Got a call early and Adam's Mom asked if she could drop him off, I told her that they were predicting another 6 inches of snow tonight, so there was no guarantee I would be getting him back To Warrenton MO. if the roads were bad, That was okay with her, so Adam arrived about 10AM.
Donna is off from the truck company so she baked a cake this morning and has to work the restaurant at 04:30PM.
She was catching up on blogs at the kitchen table so Rigg's took up his station laying against the kitchen chair, he is a contact dog and has to have a part of his body against you or your chair. Not to be outdone Sadie curled up in her spot next to Rigg's tummy and decided it was naptime.
             Big Brother makes little sister cozy.
I sometimes wonder how two completely different animals can bond like they do, it is sometimes hard to get kid's to get along like that and they understand what you are saying.
Not to much going on Adam is playing on his XBOX, so that keeps him busy, Chris & Nicole are at their Dad's this weekend, so we should have the house full next weekend.
If we get the snow Adam & Grandpa & John Deere will be busy in the morning,
Central U.S. Satellite
This is from 02:30PM Saturday, the snow band extends way back across Kansas and is just about an hour from us now. It is supposed to snow all night from the looks of it it will. Last time it stall over the I-70 St Charles MO. area and we got about 5 inches more than we expected.
Well time will tell. Glad a lot of you are over with the cold wave and enjoying warmer weather. Maybe next time for us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. When I worked for a company that had a facility in Montgomery City, MO we could always tell what our weather would be in two days. Whatever was there, we got two days later.

    They are expecting a possible blizzard in NJ on Tuesday. You getting one on Sunday????

  2. I'm sitting inside on a 64 degree day, freezing. Of course I just ate a bit bowl of ice cream, silly me! I haven't seen snow yet this winter and will have to say I miss it.

  3. When we got up the temps were around 28 degrees and I thought it was cold... all in perspective. Glad we are not in single digits and especially no snow coming. Sounds like a good day or so to spend some time with Adam.
    Take care & be safe.

  4. Well, Sam I hope the day is coming soon when you and Donna and Riggs can be with us here in the desert. 80F clear skies every day. WE even have an extra couple of lawnchairs for you!

  5. Yup, the snow is on its way!

    I love the pic of Riggs and Sadie! Wouldn't it be nice if humans could love each other like that??

    Stay warm and enjoy that young man!!

  6. Hate to tell you, Sam, but it was another absolutely perfect day here in Desert Hot Springs - 80F.

    Riggs sure is something special the way he looks after Saidie. That's really something!

  7. What a wonderful saturday at home!

    Love the way the dogs curl up together... so cute!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Our Rusty is a touch dog too. He either lays on our feet or he is up on the couch next to us. When I am on the computer he lies under my chair. Those storms sound bad. Stay warm.

  9. Sam, meant to tell you in my last comment how much I love your header picture. Guess I had a senior moment and forgot to mention it.... :)

  10. nice shot of Riggs and Sadie!!...so cute!!!