Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Happenings

A nice cold but sunny day when the sun came up, Donna and I had coffee this morning and then she was off to the truck company, and then the restaurant, Rigg's has a pill in the morning and then one 12 hours later in the evening. I think they are pain medicine. He is a world of difference this morning I guess all the anesthetic is worn off, cause he has that mischievous twinkle in his eye and tons more energy, of course about an hour after getting his pill he laid down and took a nap next to his Dad's chair for about an hour. Then is was a game of tug with his little sister, then while I was eating lunch they both thought they might get lucky and get a scrap, no way, no people food .
Rigg's is sitting watching me eat while his little sister Sadie is standing up holding on to my leg.
It is a slow day around here, I got the hard drive installed and then I put the old one in an external case  to use as a storage drive for 40 gig worth of pictures. I ordered it for $19.99 from Micro Center Electronics along with the 80gig hard drive for $29.99 they were ordered online on Monday morning and arrived here by Fed Ex yesterday at noon. The external drive comes with a metal case, and an external plug for power(110volt) and a USB cord to plug into the computer.
The little blue thing sitting on top of the new external hard drive case is a Passport 300gig auto backup drive. It automatically adds or subtracts anything you put in or take out the computer and is a backup if you lose your hard drive. I've had it over a year and I think when I bought it , they were going for about $90. Not bad for insurance not to lose all your documents and with the 300 gig size it also does my picture storage drive.
When we go full time and I buy Donna a new laptop I will get another external hard drive case and put it with the other laptop so we will have picture storage separate from our normal C: that has the operating system on it, it keeps the space use manageable. That way.
I know it looks complicated but it's not and everything plugs in, although I had to buy some 2.0 USB extension boxes, to have room for my camera leads and printers.
That's about it for today. Hope everyone is well out there in blog land. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. You left John Deer behind! Isn't there some kind of soldier's pledge not to leave any man behind? LOL!
    Thanks for the laugh this morning.


  2. My favourite computer geeks are selling Photo Snap. I know I should get one but I'm trying to save $$$$$s.

    Glad to see Riggs has the sparkle back in his eye.


  3. Sounds like Riggs hasn't really figured out what happened to him, and that is just as well.


  4. I always set up my computers with the operating system & programs on the C: drive and all my data...files, pictures, music, genealogy, etc...on a separate partition, D:. Windows 7 makes it extremely easy to do...no third party software needed. If Windows goes wonky you can reinstall without losing any data, though reinstalling programs is a pain. I've been considering online backup like Carbonite or Mozy just to have stuff off the premises in case the worst happens.

  5. McGuyver pointed out to me that we also have one of those auto gigamathings for back up...Hey, I have NO idea what all this stuff is..I just use it!
    Hugs to Riggs and his little sis...(Don't tease Riggens with any risque pics of "HOT DOGS"....get it??"HOT....OK, OK!!! I couldn't resist!

  6. Now if there was just a way to never have to deal with all those wires for all our 'stuff'.

  7. Oh Dear Riggs seems more worried about his tummy than his nether regions... good dog.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Riggs is doing a great job of teaching Sadie all of the needed dog tricks like looking for scraps of food!

    Good job on the the hard drive swap and setup, Sam! You're a pro!!

  9. glad to hear that Riggs is back to normal once again!..as for all the computer wires..kind of looks like underneath our computer desk!!