Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Today will be a short post, Donna got home from the restaurant last night feeling bad, she took a bunch of cold medicine and went to bed and woke up at 07:00am which is really late for her, had a coffee, said she still wasn't feeling good and has taken her medicine and pretty much stayed in bed all day. When I went to the store she said pick up some breasts, (of the chicken variety). and we would have Chicken and dumplings. Well a little while ago I went into see how she was doing and she said would it be alright to do the Dumplings tomorrow, For Donna to give up Chicken & Dumplings I knew she was still really feeling bad, since that ranks up there near Biscuits & Gravy as one of her favorites, remember I said anything sloppy is good the other day, Now you know who I get it from. So I said that's fine how about I just make a hamburger helper casserole for supper and you won't have to cook. She said good I really don't feel like even getting up let alone cooking, so I said I would serve her a plate in the bedroom and she could do exactly that. Rigg's has pretty much maintained his post next to her bed all day except to go out, so I know he senses his Mom is sick.

Even Sadie surprised me and came over on the kitchen floor and played with me for awhile.

Basically it's been a slow cold day here in Dardenne Prairie, I probably wouldn't have left the house if we didn't need a fresh chicken breast for what Donna had originally planned, and then Emergency Low Beer warning light came on yesterday when the stores were closed. I had to hit the reset button to silence the Klaxon horn blaring in the kitchen, but the light stays on till you put a new 30 pack in. How many of you guys have that on your refrigerator's , what a convenience.

Here's hoping Donna will feel better in the morning, since it's Monday even if she doesn't, she will lie to me and drag her workaholic butt to the truck company, Do I know that Lady or what.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


  1. We hope that Donna is feeling better soon and the chicken and dumplings will be on the table along with your beer!
    take care!

  2. So sorry to hear Donna is not feeling well. There is a nasty bug going around a lot of places. Our son, Brandon is sick too. Hope Donna feels better soon.

    And Ron says he's envious....he want's an Emergency Low Beer light on his fridge. He also wants to know how much they cost.

  3. Where do you get the low beer warning light..and do they make one for Rum and wine??? Get some Mrs. Grass Chicken Noodle soup for Donna and a few saltines...Jewish Penicillin...works every time..

  4. Tell your Lady to take it easy. We all deserve a few days of pampering.

  5. Sure hope she recovers soon! Sounds like you and Riggs are doing a fine job of looking after her.

  6. I'm thinking chicken soup and a hot toddy for Donna! :) You better get your nurse's license, Sam...

  7. I hope that Donna gets well soon. I hope she takes the time she needs from work to nurse herself. I'll look forward to seeing if your prediction is right cause she sounds really sick. Congrats on getting Sadie to play!

  8. Hope Donna gets well soon. I need one of those alarms on my fridge, although I count the bottles often enough and know when to replenish, most of the time. I got the 30 packs in Arizona and that is handy.

  9. Tie Donna to the bed until she's absolutely all better, Sam. In the meantime, you better get that 30 pack refilled to stop that Klaxon horn from waking her up!

  10. Oh boy! She must be feeling sick to pass up on chicken and dumplings (one of my FAVORITES!!) You guys sure know how to cook over there. I hope Donna gets to feeling better. I'm sure you're going to take great care of her though. How about fixing her a hot tea?? That's what I like when I'm sick. Lots of honey too!


  11. Wishing Donna a speedy recovery. That being sick stuff is definitely not a good thing. & overwork will bring it on for sure!!

  12. Sure hope Donna gets to feeling better. She should stay home for a couple of days and fully recover. Tell her we are thinking of her and she is in our prayers.

  13. Chickie Soup.... nuff said.

    Karen and Steve
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