Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 04:30AM and had our normal morning coffee, Donna seems a lot better today, so maybe she is over the hump with the flu, I think the Chicken and dumplings last night might have helped as their were none left for leftovers. I have to type this part while Rigg's is taking a nap, so he doesn't get worried. He doesn't know it yet, but tomorrow at 06:30 AM he has an appointment at the Vet's to have his your know what's removed. Yep , his family jewels. Since Donna has to work I will have to drop him off, He can't eat after 6PM and no water after 9PM.

So Jodie & Coco &Sandy, you won't have to worry about Rigg's being too pushy, he will be safe and still be a gentleman. Everyone says he will keep his great temperament , that was the only thing I worried about.

Sadie doesn't know about it either, but I think she is to young to understand it anyway.

Speaking of Sadie, Her & Grandpa had a nice time sitting at the table while I held her like the little baby she is and gave her tummy rubs, Rigg's of course was circling for attention the whole time. Donna grabbed the big camera and took the shots, she very seldom uses it but she did good, with the florescent lighting in our kitchen, we converted just about all the fixtures in the house,  away from incandescent to try and conserve energy, but the light effect for pictures isn't as good.


                     Rigg's ,Grandpa & Sadie.


I made Rigg's feel better by letting him have a taste of the foam..

Sadie is really getting closer to her Grandpa, now she will eat out of my hand and allow me to pick her up and give her lovin's. Won't take long to have another spoiled brat.

I checked the Fed- Ex tracking on my computer parts both were shipped yesterday the 3rd one piece from Ohio and the other from Pa. Both are supposed to arrive here on the 5th. It is amazing how they can get stuff across that distance so fast reliable.

Now the big question for today, what should I make for Donna & my supper tonight.Chicken & Dumplings is a tough act to follow around here. and we had Hamburger Casserole the night before, so tonight maybe the old standby, Spaghetti or just regular Hamburgers and hand peeled french fries. with baked beans. Either one sounds good to me.

I hope we get Rigg's back tomorrow afternoon so he doesn't have to spend the night in the vets. But he is a big boy so they may keep him if they have to put him under for a long time. We'll let all his buddies out there know how it goes tomorrow.

Well that's about it for today. I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna.


  1. How about some nice thick bone-in pork chops on the grill some time?? And I have a feeling you have a recipe for Lasagna!!
    Don't worry about Riggs and his "surgery"...He will still be a sweet stud muffin, minus the "stud"...and his bark might be an octave higher....

  2. Poor Riggs. He just doesn't know what he will be missing.

    As it was 22 this morning in New Mexico, I made a pot of soup from whatever was left in frig. Boy was it good. Chicken and dumplings sound like a winner too.

    Glad Donna is better.

  3. Hamburgers, home made french fries and baked beans sounds wonderful....what time is dinner? :)

  4. Enjoyed reading your Blog. You sound like a good ole Boy that I could really get along with....We could really swap some cops and robers stories I bet...Course I'd guess I'm close to 20 years older than you are.......wanta bet?

    Be safe out there my man!

  5. Poor Riggs.....Cosmo wants him to know it will be fine. His "you know whats" have been gone some 5 years now and he is and always has been one sweet lovable furball.

  6. poor Riggs!!..you will be fine!..I have been without mine for a long time..still a handsome stud!..
    hang in there!

  7. Tell Riggs it will be ok our little Max had his marbles cut and he still try's to love on Annie.

  8. It's a good thing you are doing with Rigg's. He'll be back to his old self in no time!

    I love home made French fries! I'd vote for that as long as it will sit well on Donna's stomach. :)

  9. Chicken and dumplings would make me feel better no matter how sick I was! Nice to see Sadie is warming up to you!

  10. Wednesday morning here.. waiting on report on Riggs!

    When Duke has his "alteration" === Steveio felt so bad for him, that after he picked him up, he brought him through the McDonald's drive through and pick whatever he wanted to eat. Duke settled on a whole bag of french fries.

    The fries didn't replace his missing ummm parts, but it did make his tummy feel better!


    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. Hey Sam! You cracked me up this morning with your stories about your little mama! We were always threatened with the backhand, but always got our butts whooped instead :) But you know, when we saw that hand coming up backwards, and that look in my mom's eye, we knew we better cut it out, because we knew what was next! THE WOODEN SPOON!!


  12. I'm sure that all will go well with Riggs. It may make him easier to live with as he gets older. Now he can be introduced to Sandy, who has not been spayed yet. However, she just finished her last heart worm treatment today and will be spayed in about a month. We have done enough with unwanted puppies.

    I'd like to hear that Donna is easing up on her work schedule and that you're going to start to enjoy retirement. Pool is cold, but an electric hook up and water are available any time you can get away.

    Paul and Helen