Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

It was up early and we awoke to about 4 inches of fresh snow. Rigg's loves it, but poor little Sadie just barely gets off the stoop, it's awful to have two inch legs and four inch snow to walk in, No wonder she has trouble finding a place to go potty. She will run and frolic for a few minutes until she realizes it's cold and wet then she comes running for the back door. Rigg's on the other hand loves to run and push the snow with his nose and he will stay out as long as you let him.Rigg's01-11-11a

Rigg's almost to the back fence, it's hard to shoot through glass and zoom at the same time .


Here he is sharing his food with his little sister, she is chewing it up while he smells to make sure.

I get a kick out of watching him, he will take a small amount of food out of his dish maybe a half a dozen pieces at a time and will drop them on the floor and then Sadie will come over and gobble them up and when he is satisfied she ate them he will eat some himself and then give her another handout. Never had a dog that would share like that, When we had the Husky and the Shepherd. Misty the Husky would not allow Sir Coal near the food dish until she was finished no matter how tough he thought he was, she was the boss at mealtime.

My Son Andy said he would take John Deere out and plow this morning so I am waiting to see when that occurs, if not I have all day to get it done before Donna gets home from work, She left a half hour early at 05:00AM and said the highway was slick but if you went slow it was okay, she did say there was a lot of cars in the ditch and median from last night. I tried to talk her into staying home as she has tons of time left on the books but she would have none of that.

Here's a picture for JUDY she has a picture at the end of her blogs, that usually says  the End.


I guess I have to call this Both Ends.

As you can see Rigg's is a little lighter in the back end now, but he is really doing fine, he hasn't shown any interest at all in his stitches, I check him daily and he is healing well no sign of redness or infection. it's been 6 days since his surgery, I have to bring him in to have the stitches removed on the 10th day, I hope he won't be a handful, His bark is just as deep as ever and he is back to being his mischievous stealer self. He got a hold of the channel changer again and one of Mom's Croc's over the weekend. Luckily no damage to either one as we noticed it right away, but he can slip in and snatch something in a second, especially if Donna or I are paying attention to Sadie, He loves her, but he is sure an attention hound.

Poor Sadie, my sons girlfriend shaved her rear and tail as she was having trouble keeping that area clean when she went potty, she looks funny with a bald back end. But it sure was a good idea as no more messy fur back there.

Not much else going on, just a winter day watching the snow in Dardenne Prairie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....


  1. So, I guess they're both light in the rear ends! :)

  2. I don't think I have ever heard of a dog sharing it's food like that either. We have to put out separate food dishes and place them away from each other....or all "heck" breaks loose. I'm glad to hear Riggs is healing well. As for the "butt shaving" my dogs suffer through that as well....LOL!

  3. You can keep that snow Sam. And pull this cold air back north too.

    Riggs sounds like a great dog. Our chocolate lab is the best dog I've ever had. Poor Sadie is right. No wonder she doesn't want to spend anytime in the snow.

  4. We got about 4" of snow here today...I drove the GMC with 4 wheel drive to coffee with my Ya Ya's this morning...Den is out shoveling as I type...Can I just say...I HATE WINTER!!!!

  5. I do believe that is Missery instead of Missouri. Poor Donna has to get out in that crap. Come on down here in the south...life is short....Its a GREAT WEEK!:-)

  6. We got into some mighty slippery ice & snow ourselves this afternoon & had to take it real slow. No guard rails & a long way to the bottom. Of course we were on foot hiking on a shadowed mountain trail where the sun hasn't melted the snow yet from a couple weeks ago......

  7. That's pretty amazing how Riggs shares his food with Sadie. I don't think I've ever seen dogs do that. I know ours don't for sure. He sure is a good big brother and Sadie's a lucky pup for sure.

  8. Those dogs are so cute together. I can't believe he actually takes food out of his dish for her. You should get a video of it. Give Riggs a hug for me... :)

  9. We still got a vacant site a couple of doors over from us! Come on down, even if its only for a couple of weeks! Its still 61 outside and its 8 PM.

  10. snow storm warning is in our forecast for tonight..but then it is suppose to turn to rain!..nice 'ending'..love it!!

  11. I love imagining Riggs giving Sadie food, then watching her eat. I just love it. Warms my heart through and through. Thanks Sam.

  12. LOL Just read to Steve about your Riggs feeding little Sadie... He said our big galoomph Duchess would just push them both outta the way and eat it ALL !

    Karen and Steve
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